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Alta Desk Alta Desk
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Alta Desk

A classic solid white desk with 2 small storage drawers. This desk is constructed with solid pinewood and MDF board and is coated with lead-free solid white paint. Please submit...
R 3,995.00
Metal Desk 3 Drawer Metal Desk 3 Drawer
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Metal Desk - 3 Drawer

Modern industrial metal desk with three drawers and an open shelf for storage.The entire desk is matte black, and the drawer handles are gold. Please submit an enquiry for more...
R 4,495.00
Metallica Desk - 2 Drawer Metallica Desk - 2 Drawer
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Metallica Desk - 2 Drawer

Locally manufactured, timeless, 2-drawer desk.A modern, industrial design created with solid wood and a powder-coated metal frame.Choose from a selection of Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) or Ashwood (Fraxinus excelsior) material finishes.Please...
R 6,995.00
New England Writing Desk New England Writing Desk
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New England Writing Desk

Locally manufactured, traditional, 2-drawer desk.A classic and versatile design created with solid white-painted pinewood and silver handles.Please submit an enquiry to find more information if required.Estimated 4-week lead time.
R 6,995.00